Conference Diaries -Day 2

0730- Very thoughtful of the hostel to provide only a cold shower this morning. They clearly knew I needed a good waking up

0900 – Officially at the conference – things are about to get evidency! Or not, things aren’t actually kicking off until 1200. Time to go get some culture and see exactly how bad the British Government were back in the day.
1100 – Top tip: animal rights advocates and fans of accurate taxidermy should avoid Dublin Natural History Museum. On the other hand this picture of what I think is a beaver is pretty fantastic.
1330 – First workshop on the James Lind Alliance and somehow I know more about the topic than someone else! Yes, it’s the only topic I have any knowledge on courtesy of a 6 week project last year, but still. Ego slightly boosted.
1600 – Second workshop in, 5 coffees in and I’m much more chatty than earlier. Can’t think why that is. Hyper me clearly isn’t too silly as at least two consultants said I had a good idea, doubling the lifetime count in that department.
1740 – Checked in to the hotel and absolutely knackered. If only there was a bath, free coffee and a king size bed to relax with. Oh wait, as I’m living on expenses tonight, turns out there is

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