Conference Diaries – Day 4

1130 – Apparently I’m pathetic and have to stay in bed until 1130 after only 4 pints of Guinness . Surprising bonus: it’s now late enough that I can justify enough a full Irish as brunch. Winner winner, potato dinner

1400 – Just once I’d like to go somewhere on holiday where there isn’t a museum dedicated to how badly British people treated a country. Though for any Brits planning a Dublin trip – Kilmanhaim Gaol is fascinating and it does get your yearly dose of ‘Post-Empire guilt’ out in one hourlong visit
1530 – The Guiness Storehouse has a very Disneyesque vibe. Though hopefully there’s less indoctrination to children at Disney.
1610 – Top marks to the clearly 13 year old kid who tried to claim his free Guiness. Better marks to the cool uncle who did it for him when his dad wasn’t looking.
1630 – Managers of the world’s tourist attractions have one big lesson to takeaway from the Guiness storehouse: a free pint = Trip Advisor nirvana
1640 – officially the silliest thing at the Guniess store – Guiness themed tea bag holders. A big thank you to the worker who rather than fleecing me like the tourist I am, pointed out Guiness BBQ sauce wouldn’t get through in my hand luggage.

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