Dear Ryanair: An Epilogue

I see you read my last letter, and saw it as motivation to repeat the experience on My return flight today. 

Last time you dazzled me with tardy  loading, rude employees and a spectacular unawareness as to whose fault all the problems were. I truly appreciate the effort you went to ensure I had a similar, but not-quite-identical, flight. 

Delaying the flight for 45 minutes with no explanation was a fantastic start. Stretching this delay for an hour and a half was a touch only a master could bring. 

Once aboard, your customer relations were surprisingly good. Though the cabin crew reading her colleagues’ names from the back of an envelope did not fill me with the greatest sense of security 

But you still weren’t done. Opening the cabin door and waiting 20 minutes to get the stairs ready was a decision that I was thrilled just to witness. I particularly liked the added nuance of leaving the cabin door open so the passengers got cold and irritated. I’m sure the one year old really appreciated that.

Yours sincerely, 

A passenger who actually made quite a lot for my flight and is a bit ticked off you couldn’t be on time either way.


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