Feelgood Friday: It’s Not All Been Rubbish in the Medical World

Medicine and health gets a poor showing in the press most weeks. Everything gives you cancer, rogue healthcare professionals have done something stupid, and politicians have cocked up again.

To help you feel better, here’s some positive stories that may distract you for 5 seconds from the mess that is the junior doctor contracts and the NHS financial blackhole.

  1. The Federal Drug Authority in the US have approved a nasally inhaled version of naloxone, the drug used to treat heroin and other opioid overdoses. They hope it will be cheaper, easier to administer and eliminate the risk of needlestick injuries.
  2. An experimental anti-RSV drug has been shown to work in healthy adult males. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a major cause of lung infections in young children. This drug could be the first step on the way to a vaccine.
  3. A study has shown that if low-frequency ultrasound scans through the abdomen don’t detect an early pregnancy in women with first trimester pain or bleeding, you should try a high-frequency one. This doesn’t sound like much but hopefully it will reduce the need to do uncomfortable transvaginal procedures.
  4. A new Hep C combination pill has been developed that researchers believe is potentially curative. The simplified treatment would also be appropriate for use in primary care, which would speed up treatment times.

If you see any cheerful medical stories over the next week, tweet me @DTGregg1 and I’ll include them in next Friday’s post.


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