Doctors trying to save lives – even if they are striking


first-aid-850489_640Tomorrow passers-by at London Bridge and the Southbank will be able to learn new first aid skills – courtesy of striking junior doctors.

Members of the public can learn the correct way to perform CPR on both adults and children, as well as deal with someone who is choking.

The event is part of a wave of public health events planned by striking doctors across the country. These include first aid training and blood donation.

While most doctors will just be giving up time, some are preparing to give up quite a lot more. Blood drives are taking place in Nottingham, Bradford, Warwick, Birmingham, Leeds and Brighton.

These blood drives have been welcomed by NHS Blood and Transplant: “We’re always looking for new or existing donors to come along. It’s a difficult time of year for donations. People are really busy, the weather is miserable, there’s bugs going around. All these things keep people from donating.”

The blood donations have been pre-organised with authorities to ensure that none of the blood collected is wasted.

People wishing to find out more about donating blood can visit


Birmingham – Sepsis Awareness, Blood Donation, HIV/AIDS Awareness
Bradford – Charity Fundraising, Child First Aid Teaching, Blood Donation
Colchester – CPR and First Aid Teaching
Hove – Blood Donation
Leeds – Child CPR Teaching, Blood Donation, Stem Cell Drive
Lincoln – CPR Teaching

Liverpool, Crosby – Child and Adult CPR Teaching
London Bridge – Child and Adult CPR Teaching
Lymm – CPR Teaching
Nottingham – Blood Donation
Oxford – Blood Donation, Child CPR Teaching
Poole – Charity Fundraising
Southampton – Stem Cell Drive
Southbank – Child and Adult CPR Teaching
Sutton Coldfield – CPR Teaching
Warwick – Blood Donation


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